CWL: Introducing nuTilt

CWL: Introducing nuTilt

As good as our imaging department is, we've always had to tell customers that the coin looks better in-hand. The reality is, a still image, no matter how well photo-graphed can only show so much, and we've always hoped to be able to someday bridge that gap. With nuTilt, we believe that we’ve finally filled this need and we’re ecstatic to share this exciting new addition to our website and coin-imaging process.

So, what is nuTilt?

NuTilt is a patent-pending process that brings coins to life! The nuTilt system breaks the static image barrier, showing how the light catches all areas of a coin just like it does when you tilt it in the palm of your hand. In addition, with the revolutionary iOS and Android smartphone apps launching in September, the user can tilt their phone or tablet in any direction to capture the full “in-hand” virtual experience. Lastly, the zoom feature allows the user to inspect all parts of the coin to a degree of detail not possible with a static image.  

Have we gone too far? Can coin images be too accurate?

Well, we don’t think so… in our effort to bring as many advances to the hobby and collecting in general, we’re truly excited about launching this innovative new feature and hope that you enjoy it as well. While you might not be able to hold the coin in-hand before buying it in today’s world, we believe that nuTilt is undoubtedly the next best thing!

More questions? See our formal announcement Here and our FAQ blog Here!

More than anything, we hope that you take a few minutes to view some of the newly imaged coins Here.

Numismtically Yours,

John Brust, President of DLRC

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